WHS or Client/HTPC for "on-the-fly" Transcoding RRS feed

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  • Hi All-

    Currently, I have a Acer EasyStore H340 with WHS v.1 on it.  It has served me well and I use it to stream my media.  However, I noticed that the Atom processor limits my ability for "on the fly" transcoding.  The processor is simply too pokey to perform this adequately.  So I have a Core i3 powered laptop connected to the network that takes the video media from the WHS and this client/laptop does all the on-the-fly transcoding before streaming it to my iPad, Android Phone, or my other laptop when I am away from home.  I have streaming server programs, such as an Orb, AirVideo and Stream to Me, on the Core i3 laptop and these programs allow me to stream with on-the-fly transcoding to my iPad, phone and notebook from the video media on my H340 WHS.  This is necessary for me since I have tons of video media in many differing formats and don't want to download all the media due to the enormous size of my videos or re-encode everything. 

    This setup seems to work okay, but I was wondering if it would work better if I built a i3 Sandy Bridge powered WHS and used that to perform all the on-the-fly transcoding rather than have my client/laptop to perform the transcoding before streaming out.  Is it more advantageous to have my current i3 laptop to perform the on-the-fly transcoding or will eliminating the client/laptop in the middle result in any gains in streaming performance?  Basically, assuming the WHS and client system are equal in system processing power, is there any benefits or detriment from having the server perform the on-the-fly transcoding instead of the client computer?  Will having a more powerful WHS capable of on-the-fly video transcoding allow for better streaming quality or is that more dependent on codecs and/or software rather than hardware?

    The reason I ask is that I am trying to decide on whether to build a full-fledged HTPC that would perform all the on-the-fly transcoding from my current H340 WHS v.1 or build a new WHS with more horsepower to do the same.  I figure I can stream using either solution, but would like to know which solution, HTPC or WHS, would be a better solution for my transcoding and streaming needs when I travel from home and want access to my media.  Which route would you take and why?  Thanks for answering.


    Tuesday, May 3, 2011 7:41 PM