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  • Please I beg, Threaded SMS!

    Jusst converted from WM 5.0 on a treo 700wx to WM 6.0 on a HTC S640 (Iris 100) And the Non threaded SMS app is killing my productivity.

    Also, Just wanted to add, i had t0 hard reset after removing my micosoft DeepFish beta because it managed to trash my WiFi Capabilities.

    and lastly. Im using WM 6.0 Standard on a smartphone edition. I know on WM 5.0 Pocket PC there were multiple alarms you could set. On my WM 6.0 Smart Phone im limited to only 1 alarm. can we get more? id love that!

    Other then these 3 issues i love WM 6.0!

    Thanks Microsoft!

    Jeff Jiggens

    Wednesday, March 5, 2008 4:22 PM

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