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  • seems to me that if Microsoft were to drop the price of their OS (xp home & pro) there would be far less piracy. Most people feel jilted when they pay close to 200.00 CDN for an OS that is of little value if you have more than one machine .While Bill Gates has a room full of techies patching the stuff the pirates are.mangling . they could be doing much more good improving the software instead of trying to keep people from using the software  eg : if xp home & pro were $49.99  a pop ,it wouldn't be worth your while to try to bypass the WGA  to get legit software or to bypass  the validation process. BUTan OS at close to $200.00 a copy will make people take drastic measures to get what they feel is a fair shake BTW .. this is just my opinion



    Sunday, May 7, 2006 11:12 PM