Get "To" field on custom activity in PlugIn Create event RRS feed

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  • I am battling to get the "To" field of a custom Activity (I suppose a system Activity would behave the same) when I have a plug-in execute on the POST operation of the create event. The same code works fine when I retrieve the Activity on the Update event.

    What is happening is that the "To" field exists and retrieves, also says it's an EntityCollection, but the Entities array count is 0. I do not know why this field is pulled through with no records in the Entity Collection, it is not null. All the other fields in the Activity Entity are retrieved perfectly.

    I repeat, executing the same code on the update event pulls though the "To" field fine with all Entities attached just fine. Is this supposed to happen? and would there be a work around to get this information on the create event?

    Thursday, October 9, 2014 11:03 AM