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  • Hi, my post, as below is being flagged as spam?

    Hi guys,

    With the cumulative updates for W10 2016 LTSB, we're finding that our SCCM instance is consuming the bandwidth.

    We currently have two site system servers on a singe Primary Site instance.

    Both servers have additional roles, including the Distribution Point roles.  In a bid to cap the bandwidth usage, I first set the speed and duplex settings on the NICs (VMXNet3's) on VMWare to 1Gbps (Windows setting).  However, they just seemed to ignore that and climbed above.

    Next, we replaced the virtual NIC VMXNet3 (which showed a max. capability of 10Gbps) with a virtual NIC with a max. capability of 1Gbps (Intel Gigabit), same issue, both servers just eat up the bandwidth.

    This happens at update deployment phase 2, which is 75% of our client estate.

    Our client devices, route from all sites, to our main site to some old switches, which have limited bandwidth up to our much better and newer ones, to our new Data Centre.

    So, now I'm setting up physical DPs for our main two sites.  The one on the secondary site is in place at a server room there and the other one will be plugged in somewhere between the route of our clients and the old switches so they're not travelling up to the new Data Centre.

    So, how do I configure SCCM 1806 to use the original site system servers as the client fallback distribution points and make the new physical DPs the primaries?


    Wednesday, January 9, 2019 5:09 PM