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  • I have written an app for the Microsoft Store. While I can see if license has been purchased or if still running under a trial period, I cannot for the life of me get the in-app purchase to work. I have followed various examples from both MS websites and elsewhere. 

            private void testButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
                _ = SetStore();
            private interface IInitializeWithWindow
                void Initialize(IntPtr hwnd);
            private async Task SetStore()
                    StoreContext theStore = StoreContext.GetDefault();
                    // "Unable to cast object of type 'Windows.Services.Store.StoreContext' to type 'IInitializeWithWindow'."
                    // IInitializeWithWindow initWindow = (IInitializeWithWindow)(object)theStore;
                    // initWindow.Initialize(System.Diagnostics.Process.GetCurrentProcess().MainWindowHandle);
                    StoreProductResult app = await theStore.GetStoreProductForCurrentAppAsync();
                    // This works...
                    StoreProduct product = app.Product;
                    string title = product.Title;
                    string price = product.Price.FormattedPrice;
                    // This works...
                    StoreAppLicense license = await theStore.GetAppLicenseAsync();
                    bool trial = license.IsTrial;
                    bool full = license.IsActive;
                    // "Invalid window handle.\r\n\r\nThis function must be called from a UI thread" 
                    //StorePurchaseResult result = await theStore.RequestPurchaseAsync("9NRFBVGVGW8K");
                    // "Invalid window handle.\r\n\r\nThis function must be called from a UI thread" 
                    // Windows.Foundation.IAsyncOperation<StorePurchaseResult> purchase = product.RequestPurchaseAsync();
                catch (Exception e)
                    int a = 1;

    The app is written in .NET with a UWP wrapper to create the MSIX package. The rem'ed lines indicate where I am having issues. Can anyone help me with these?

    Otherwise, do I have to offer in app purchase for a trial program or can I just direct the user back to the Microsoft Store when they are ready to buy? As stated above, the code that checks for a valid license is working well.

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  • This forum is for C#-specific questions. Your question is really related to working with the MS Store API and UWP. Please post your question in the new Microsoft Q&A forums for UWP.

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