Cannot Get to VBA Application OR One Care Forum RRS feed

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  • At the suggestion of the moderator of the VB General Forum, I tried to put a THREAD on the VB Applications Forum, but like the ONE Care forum,  I get caught in a loop in which I can't get into it.

    Thus, for example, when I try to use the Hypelink to the VB Applications Forum I am referred to a blank secure page (Hyperlink below) that first asks me to Sign out of this forum.

    The next part of the cycle is to sign in, at which point I get stalled in the sign out page.
    When I use the "Return Home" option, I can back to the MSDN Forums main page (which is NOT scial.msdn).

    However, If I try to do anything on this (or on the ONE CARE forum), I get pushed again into this never ending cycle.

    I originally thought that this is happening because I do not have to MSDN Developers subscription.  However, one would imagine there would be a microsoft forum by which one could find out answers to problem with MS One Care without a subscription. I am thus confused about the reason for this CYCLE.
    Also, I posted this as a reply to the Moderator of the VB General Forum, and he told me that the site was in transition, he does NOT have that problem, and that I should try clearing 'cookies'.  I've deleted all the 'cookies' using Internet Explorer but still have the same problem.

    Any suggestions?
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    Monday, September 22, 2008 10:03 PM