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  • I have 3 primary entities: Opportunities (Sales), Production and Service.  The same info is used thru the life cycle of the job. My current integrator tells me that the only way to get that info from one to the next is a workflow that copies the data from fields in one entity to fields in another.  This is crazy.  I can't have 3 copies of everything. Also if Service added/changed something then Sales and Production wouldn't see the changes.  Are there global fields that can be used in all entities? 
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  • No, there aren't. In CRM 2011, a workflow or plugin is the best way to have data in multiple places at once, and to keep it synched up.

    In CRM 2013, if you have an option of migrating to it, you can create Quick Forms which can be embedded in related entities.  for example, if you had the Opportunity be the parent of all the data you need to see on production and service as well, you could make an Opportunity Quick Form with those "global" fields, and then embed that form in Production and Service forms.

    To the end user, the data would be global, and it would live only on the Opportunity, so changing it once would change it everywhere.  The limitation to this is that you have to have a 1-to-many (not many-to-many) relationship between the records to make this work.

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  • How do I keep 50-60 fields synced up between 3 entities?  Doesn't that leave me with 3 copies of all my data? 
    Thursday, November 21, 2013 9:04 PM
  • Hi,

    Why not create a new entity to hold the common data. A record of this entity can then be linked to each of the main entities. If a value changes in it, then it would be reflected across all the main entities.

    The down side of this is that attributes within this entity would not be available on the form, however if you set the primary entity name in a manner that gives all the info then it should be fine.


    Friday, November 22, 2013 3:06 PM
  • Yes, you potentially have three copies of all your data. CRM is in essence the practical application of denormalizing data for business need and usability.

    That said, if you have 50-60 fields that need to move forward, I would seriously question the design being taken.  As Chris mentioned, a standalone entity related to all the entities in your process would keep the data in one spot, but that also reduces visibility, and limits the amount of logic you can do on the data from each related form. 

    I would very strongly recommend considering looking at what CRM 2013 brings to the table.  You can make process-based forms and logic that can graduate that data from one spot to another specifically based on how the business actually needs it.  That right there will limit the amount of duplication you will need to do.

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