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    I installed Microsoft XP Professional Version 2002, Service pack 1, on my other compter in oder to download certain poker sites that I enjoy and play frequently; and this was the requirement for this particular site. I also put XP professional on my laptop, using the same CD, which was a Reinstallation CD of MS Windows XP Professional including service pack 1a. Pwhich/N R2352.  I had no proble wahtsoever activating the software on my laptop over the internet.  But for some reason on my big computer which originally was MS windows 2000 professional ; DP EN PIII866 20 GB 256 MB W95 Compaq serial number:  U129DYSXA481.  It will not activate even over the internet, and so every 30 days it expires and I have to reload the software again and again.  As you can imagine, it gets quite tiresome.  I also tried the "over the phone", technique to which was also no help.

    Microsoft XP Professional Version 2002, Service pack 1, Version 2002
    Intel Pentium III processor 501 MHz, 256 MB RAM.

    Is there any information you can give me or help me find a product code that will enable me to activate this software and not have to reinstall every 30 days?
    M. Allison Sims
    Tuesday, July 29, 2008 4:16 AM


  • Crazeally,

    Installing the same OEM license for XP on two computers at the same time is a violation of the End User Licensing Agreement.

    Installing ANY OEM license for XP onto a computer onto which that particular OEM license was not originally installed is also a violation of the End User Licensing Agreement.

    So that means FOR SURE that installing a previously installed OS Reinstallation CD onto the computer that has a Certificate of Authenticity for Wndows 2000 is in violation.  If the laptop is not a Compaq, or if the CoA on the laptop is not for XP Pro, then FOR SURE the installation of XP on the laptop is in violation.
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    Tuesday, July 29, 2008 4:27 AM