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  • I have a Server database and a Client database.

    Some tables between both Databases will have the same data.

    The Client is set to Download only from the server. When I provision both of these databases that include the tables with the same data, I receive a LocalUpdateRemoteUpdate upon syncrhonization. This is expected and normal. Both tracking tables don't know about the data between the two DB's so I handle the conflict by doing a RetryWithForceWrite.

    At this stage I should have told my client DB to overwrite changes coming from the server.

    The problem is the next time I update one of those rows on the server, I am still met with a LocalUpdateRemoteUpdate conflict when downloading the row. Every time this row changes on the server the client download see's it as a conflict even though I initally told it to do a RetryWithForceWrite.

    How can I stop the recurring LocalUpdateRemoteUpdate conflicts if RetryWithForceWrite doesn't bring the tracking table in line with the server?

    As a Simple example lets say I have one tabel in both DB's called ListDetail. It has an ID and Description Column.

    Both DB's have two rows in it

    1 , "Item 1"

    2, "Item 2"

    When I provision and do an Initial sync I get a LocalInsertRemoteInsert conflict. Ok so continue.

    Now I update the description of Row 2 in the server DB to "Item 2.0". A LocalUpdateRemoteUpdate conflict occurs and I do a force write. The change gets pulled down to the client.

    Now I update the description of Row 2 again in the server to "Item 2.0.0". Another LocalUpdateRemoteUpdate conflict occurs. Why is this conflict reoccurring if I have already done a retry Force write?

    Thursday, November 21, 2013 10:43 AM

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  • Can anyone think of any ideas on how to solve this one?

    Repeatedly hitting Sync conflicts, even though forcing a rewrite each time is not the most ideal solution.

    Is there some way that when a force rewrite is done that the client will match its tracking table to that of the server? This would probably stop the repeating conflict each time the same row updates.

    Monday, December 9, 2013 11:45 AM