vista product key not valid error code not genuine bootleg version of os might be victim RRS feed

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  • when the ____ is microsoft goign to fix this problem

    is it a viruis or a trojan that no one know yet or what

    and why the did it happen

    i loved vista till about now that this is happened

    and yea this is really making thinking about getting a mac but att he same time yes they do have their problems aswell and do get virus' etc

    who and why do people make trojans and virus'....???
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  •   I find it hard to understand why anyone would get mad at Microsoft for the Malware other people make. Isn't that like getting mad at the person that built your house because someone broke in and messed up the place?

     If Mac ever gets that same market share as Windows, you can bet that the Virus writers will start attacking it.  But because most people currently use Windows, you get more 'Bang for your Buck' by writing malware for Windows and there are literally thousands of different Malware programs out there for Windows.

      Every weekly critical security patch is released to help protect Windows from these threats.  And, if that wasn't enough, Microsoft just released a FREE anti-virus program that, if you believe all the reviews, is as good or better them most of the pay AV software out there.

      But if you want to blame Microsoft for not doing anything, that's completly up to you.

    Thank you for your post,
    Darin MS
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