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  • Is microsoft cheating us by showing points and offers? Many of the points are not given by Microsoft.. like for referrals, forums etc. I think they are stealing Indian student's brain n time..
    Friday, March 2, 2007 12:27 PM


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  • No i dont' think so.. but its true that we are not getting many of the points in rock star but the spirit of the contest is growing day by day..
    Friday, March 2, 2007 12:30 PM
  • hay

    they r not cheating us yar

    u can improve ur skills by participating in the qize

    and more over we can't blame them as we are using time

    just saying ur view

    by reffering ur friend the size of the contest would increase and compitetion will also increase

    if u win among 100

    it's not geat

    it's  geat to win among thousand.....laks


    Friday, March 2, 2007 12:35 PM
  • I agree that thsi contest requires more devotion of time from the students, but we are also getting something in return, which normal persons will not get. We have  a chance to learn and know abut the latest cutting edge technologies. why not just take it as a oppurtunity rather than just focusing on being the winner or in the top 50 :)
    Ofcourse, everyone wants to become a winner, but what is more important is the thins that we would have learnt at the end of this event.
    Friday, March 2, 2007 5:08 PM
  • we're still not in good position to learn good things. lot of useless forums are running in this forum.
    Friday, March 2, 2007 7:00 PM
  • yes m8, there are lot of useless stuffs going on here, but i think that is what MS wants us to do, they want us to learn in this forums, but as we dont have anything to discuss, we keep on posting useless stuffs. we need something that can help all the members  learn something from each other. there should be  a teaching/learning spirit amongst all the contenders.

    there are abuot 3000+ accounts created in this student rockstar, and only a few of them are into the forums, rest of them i think have just signed in for the participation :) If they all become active in the forums, then we can get to learn a lot.

    Saturday, March 3, 2007 11:09 AM
  • nooooooo
    Saturday, March 3, 2007 2:52 PM
  • dont keep such illusions in your mind
    Saturday, March 3, 2007 3:08 PM
  • why would MS cheat :{
    Saturday, March 3, 2007 3:31 PM
  • don think stupid.... stay +ve....
    Sunday, March 4, 2007 3:57 AM
  • yeah i feel the same too.. I haven't been credited with  the points for the quiz and participation in the forums
    Sunday, March 4, 2007 4:15 AM
  • Thanks m8 for the gnyan.
    Sunday, March 4, 2007 5:20 AM
  • @Karthik, why dont you email to the admins and let them solve it ? do it early, cause they might delete the old records soon.
    Sunday, March 4, 2007 5:20 AM
  • i don think so...for me all the points are getting updated as they have mentioned...if u r not clear with the points updating procedure refer the point earn table...
    Sunday, March 4, 2007 3:39 PM
  • same here m8, the points have always been updated for me as specified in the points table on the site. Once the points was not updated for the announcement, but it was updated in 2-3 days automatically.
    Sunday, March 4, 2007 4:40 PM
  • u can't say that they are cheting u.... u may say that u are cheting urself.
    Wednesday, March 7, 2007 10:38 AM
  • @Yogesh
    good one m8 :) well said, funny though, hehehe.
    Wednesday, March 7, 2007 3:25 PM
  • If a person thinks that he can grasp a little bit knowledge from forums than it will surely not cheating.
    Wednesday, March 7, 2007 6:11 PM
  • no
    Wednesday, March 7, 2007 6:57 PM
  • I agree with you Yogesh, One needs to take out most from any given opportunity.
    Friday, March 9, 2007 8:07 AM
  • for me also the same i did not point for referrals and even quiz and i am sent mail with microsoft admin for past  7 days till i did not get points


    Friday, March 9, 2007 10:01 AM
  • no yaar it's a good program
    Friday, March 9, 2007 10:22 AM
  • No.. Microsoft has nothing to do with us. why should they cheat? but admin is not good
    Friday, March 9, 2007 11:40 AM
  • There is no point of cheating here.. 
    Friday, March 9, 2007 11:42 AM
  • but still there is problem with the points upgradation. hope the admin will correct everything soon
    Friday, March 9, 2007 11:44 AM