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    Maybe someone would be able to develop an add-in around this.  I don't know of any scripting utility that would let you import an image into a particular layer into a PNG file.  If anyone else does, it would be a nice complement to existing add-ins that let you change your home page.  Without further ado, here is a template I made for exactly that purpose.



    Obviously, we Windows Home Server owners, have a problem with the stock photography on our WHS boxes.  We have utilities to change the images on our default website but there is still one more stock image that bothers me.  The remote access website home tab features a picture of two girls swinging.  They look like nice girls, but I want a picture of my girls.  I created a template file in Fireworks that will allow you to easily put your own pictures in place of those girls.

    Download the template .png from my SkyDrive here:


    The template should be pretty self-explanatory.  The topmost layer is the gradient.  The second layer is the image you want to replace the two girls swinging.  This image will need to be 235px wide by 132px tall.  It will also set down at x: 14 y: 14.  I’ve named this layer 235 x 132 (X:14 Y:14) to serve as a reminder.  Finally, the bottom layer is the background.

    Once your edit is complete, save it as i_default_photo.png and you’re almost done.  If you’re concerned about space you can flatten the layers but it isn’t necessary.  You’ll want to place your finished .png in the C:\inetpub\remote\images folder of your Windows Home Server.  Viola!  Now your remote page home tab displays your kids, car, favorite Autobot, or whatever.  If you are not seeing your new image, you may need to clear your cache.

    Please remember it is always a good practice to backup any files you are considering replacing.  I renamed my existing i_default_photo.png to i_default_photo_bu.png.

    I hope everyone finds this helpful.  Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions and share.  Enjoy!

    Tuesday, April 15, 2008 7:24 PM