2011 Outlook CRM client ignoring email router RRS feed

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  • Folks,

      I have a brand-new dynamics 2011 install up and running and I am trying to configure email - we have an interesting setup that I want to explain to you all before I get into the problem:

    • We receive/send normal emails (non-CRM) related through an email host (Bluehost) and are not quite ready to take email in house yet
    • Because Bluehost doesn't let us send the volume we would want to send for marketing, I've created an exchange server in house for CRM related mass mailings

    I have installed the dynamics email router and configured each user to use the e-mail router for in bound and out bound email. Within the email router's configuration I have specified an inbound configuration to receive email from bluehost with 'User Specified' as the access type

    I have configured an outbound configuration to send out through our exchange server.


    If I send an email purely through the web CRM interface (via the send direct mail function) the email goes out as expected through the exchange server. But if I try sending an email to a lead via the Dynamics for outlook client, the mail will send via the Outlook default setup and go out through bluehost which we do not want. Additionally, the option to 'Allow e-mail router to use my credentials to send and receive emails on my behalf' is visible, unchecked and disabled for some reason under the options->email settings... 

    Does anyone have any idea as to what I am doing wrong?

    Friday, April 15, 2011 3:14 PM