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    I posted the following message in the SyncFX forums and was told to post it in the "Windows XP forum".   I'm not sure where I should post this as it involves XP Home, folder sharing via network, and Vista Home Premium x64.   Here's my message and my followup below:


    I downloaded and installed SyncToy 2 (x64) on my laptop which is running Vista Home Premium x64.   I paired a folder on the laptop with a shared folder from my desktop computer which is running XP Home Edition.   Well, Synctoy 2 runs well and does great except for several files (usually ppt and doc files) which it fails on giving the error "Cannot read from source".   I was confused by this since I can open the shared folder and see the files, but then I realized that I cannot copy the files from the desktop to the laptop as I recieve the error "You need permission to perform this action".
    Since I'm using the Home Edition of XP on the desktop, I do not have access to several security features that I would find in XP Pro.   Since I am using Vista Home Premium, I do not have access to  secpool.msc so that I might make changes to the LanManager settings.   I did change the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa LmCompatibilityLevel key to 1 (from 3), but this did nothing.   Both disks are NTFS.
    How am I supposed to get around this and use SyncToy 2?

    Just wanted to add - On the desktop (XP Home), trying to set the permissions of the folder (through the Properties dialog) to turn OFF Read-only, does not stick.   I suppose if I had XP Pro on the Desktop system I would have access to the Security tab in the Properties dialog...

    Edit 2:
    trying to run SyncToy2 as administrator did not fix the problem.


    Thanks for taking the time to look at my problem.   I am not syncing from the "My Document" or "My Pictures" folders.   The paired folders are a folder that I created on the Desktops of both systems.   The folder I created contains several subfolders, which I have also created.   I update files on both systems, and add new files on both systems.   The problem seems isolated to large new files on the Windows XP Home system (my Desktop), which don't seem to have the right permissions (set to "Read only"?) to allow them to sync to the folder on the Vista Home Premium (x64) system (my Laptop).   I've noticed this problem crop up specifically with Powerpoint (.ppt), Acrobat (.pdf), and Word (.doc) documents.   This is really a shame, since it forces me to hand copy these files using a USB key, something I want to avoid since I tend to make mistakes, and it defeats the purpose of SyncToy.
    Do you have any other things I could try?
    Wednesday, September 16, 2009 9:15 PM