WHS - Playing DRM protected media RRS feed

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  • Having set up my new WHS and moved over my media files from a NAS device, I now discover WHS does not play DRM protected files. I didn't spot that in any of my pre-purchase research!


    If this is the case, it has to be the most stupid limitation of a product I have encountered in a while. I know it isn't a Media Centre PC but it supposed to act as a "central repository for all your media files". I have a Netgear EVA8000 media adapter. Now in order to play any DRM music I have to turn on my Vista PC as well as my WHS box just to serve up the license.


    I don't understand why WHS doesn't have WMP11 and/or a windows media connect capable of doing all this itself.


    I have seen post elsewhere about installing WMP11 on WHS, disabling the WHS media sharing and allowing WMP11 to do it instead. I think I might give it a whirl...





    Monday, December 3, 2007 4:56 PM