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  • I’ve been using the original version of MS ICE for a few years. The 1<sup>st</sup> version of MS ICE had the intelligence to determine the angle & would easily stich the images. It was able to note the changes in the existing environment even when windy.

    I decided to test 2.0.2 and make a comparison to my experience by using some of the original photos still in my cache. (Access the originals at Victorian-Parks.com and compare them)

    I am extremely disappointed with the outcome! MS ICE 2.0.2 cannot accurately align a pole, it does not align the sun and many other features are a complete mess. Even when using a level tripod with set increments it fails to stich an obvious pole.

    The software has become a nuisance to use due to advertisement & I recommended the software itself should not be used for more than 8 photos.

    However I do respect the morality of Microsoft for giving smaller competitors & hobbyist software developers the opportunity to easily compete against Ice 2.0.2.

    To better improve the 1<sup>st</sup> version I would have appreciated to see.

    • Aesthetically changed the interface.
    • Allow the user to enter into a dome or sphere (Similar to xmens Cerebro) and place the photos that were not automatically stitched to a set location
    • Set thresholds on merging photos for windy conditions
    • Automatically determine time taking to complete panorama; as to correctly adjust colour balance
    • Use color balance to determine brightness of a particular photo (for partial cloudy days)
    • Use lasso tool to select flaws in stitching alignment
    • Better improve vertical alignment
    • Select environment (e.g. forest – various trees with no branch the same geometry, distant landscape - clouds do not form a distant mountain, city – standard geometry with repetitiveness, beach – merge waves into rows)
    • Use contrast & gamma correction to determine cloud stitching then remove the contrast once the software knows how to stich correctly.

    Such simple basic ideas are overlooked and favoured for a dodgy update.

    Please make the original version available for download again, it was so much better!

    Saturday, February 7, 2015 7:49 AM

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  • While I don't disagree that tools to specify stitching errors or manually place unmatched photos would be useful and desirable, some of the criticism/suggestions seem a bit off. ICE has really no idea of what the subject of the photos are. It's just identifying, matching, and aligning image feature points. As to vertical alignment, I've had my share of failures in ICE 1 with both vertical and horizontal edges being stitched crookedly. Ultimately, this is on me as the photographer for not using a proper panoramic tripod head, not ICE.

    Anyway... that's a bit of a tangent.

    You encourage us to compare ICE 2 stitches to those you've stitched previously with ICE 1 at your website.
    I've looked through your panoramas over there and your links to your OneDrive folders in your 'Cache' section.

    Without the actual input images, though, it's a bit difficult to try any of your datasets in both ICE 1 and 2 on my own machine to see any differences when working with your datasets.

    As far as downloading older copies of ICE, let me just say that the Wayback Machine on archive.org is your friend for finding links to an older copy of ICE's site.

    Also, there are many many sites on the Internet which exist to archive older versions of programs. I'm sure you'll find ICE 1.4.4 if you run a search.

    One last note: when you're pasting the HTML embed code for your panoramas hosted on Photosynth.net, you may want to consider editing the delayLoad flag to false so that people who click on your various panoramas don't always have to click the thumbnail once to actually load the pano.

    You can also set the slideShowPlaying flag to true so that the panorama begins playing as soon as it loads, which may help people understand that they can interact.

    There is no effect without a cause.

    Saturday, February 7, 2015 2:13 PM