Is it possible to move this thread to the right forum? RRS feed


  • The thread you quote was correctly moved away from the Suggestions and Feedback for the Forums forum.

    It's then up to the Moderator (and the time he/she has available) whether the post is moved to Off-Topic (simplest or quickest) where there are Microsoft people assigned to that forum who advise on which forum it should go to, or whether the post is moved to a forum the Moderator considers to be the correct place for it (this could take longer - switch to MDSN from TechNet for instance - even if the Moderator knows which forum it should go to and clearly he can't move it to the correct forum if he doesn't know where it should go to).

    Whether or not the question is important (and that is your opinion which you are entitled to but it is not mine as I draw the line where a server has crashed and can't be brought back up) is quite another matter. IMO the Moderator handled correctly in moving that post from the Suggestions and Feedback for the Forums forum as it was a technical question not a suggestion or feedback for the forums.

    Mike Walsh

    P.S. Another question is whether this forum is the correct place to place a post about just one forum thread. I would expect that this forum is for general problems with the forum software not with single threads.

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