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  • I have upgraded from OC 2007 to 2007 R2. All I have left to upgrade is the clients. After installing the r2 client on a couple of test boxes I seem to have run into a problem. I get an exchange connection error. Communicator cannot retrieve calendar and out of office information.

    I have tried a few different combinations of client configurations and these are my results:
    on xp, exchange 2007, all updates applied in all situations
    1. Office 2003 suite with r2 client (works)
    2. Office 2003 suite with 2007 client (works)
     Office 2007 suite with r2 client (dose not work)
    Office 2007 suite with 2007 client (does not work)
    Office 2007 suite without outlook, with 2007 client (works)
    Office 2007 suite without outlook, with r2 client (works)

    It seems to work fine, it can put free/busy information, and GAL, but scheduling not avaable when out look is not installed. When I install Outlook 2007 it breaks and can no longer put free/busy information, GAL still works.

    Another weird thing is if I log into the same user in 2 different computers communicator then connects to free/busy. If i log off one of the clients then the other stops communicating with free/busy. 

    Also, old Office Communicator 2007 server is completely uninstalled.

    Thursday, July 30, 2009 7:48 PM