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  • I have a oem license for my pc, i reinstall reguraly (probably monthly) this is due to the nature of the use of the pc i do alot of scripting systems tests etc, whilst i only ever have 1 installation of windows.

    I continueously find myself reactivating etc, i have to call to activate and speak to a reprosentative, this is all well and good except i find myself being asked 20 questions everytime, besides why should i have to do this when if the operating system was more stable i wouldnt have to keep reinstalling.


    anyway is there anyway i can not keep having to reactivate.



    Tuesday, February 27, 2007 2:38 PM


  • TJ_2006,

    Conisder using a drive imaging utility to make a drive image of your XP installation at the point where you have completed a fresh installation of XP and just before you would be installing any programs or conducting any testing regimens.

    At the conclusion of the tests, simply reimage the hard disk on the computer and a fresh, already activated installation of XP will be put down on the disk, ready for the next test.  Since you will always be restoring the image to the same properly licensed computer, you remain in full compliance with the EULA and you will have no difficulty with Activation.

    Think of the time you'll save.....installing XP and then applying all the updates and some additional programs can take up to four hours, more if you have a slower connection or are installing a lot of extra programs.

    However, adding a second hard disk either internally or externally (USB2, FireWire, or one of those new eSATA disks) and storing the master image on it, then running the drive imaging restoration from the disk can take as little as 20-30 minutes to restore an image.

    Norton Ghost and Acronis True Image for example are two popular commercial programs for drive imaging.  DriveImageXML is a popular free program.  Drive imaging is such a great backup method that it is integral to the higher-end Vista editions, too.

    Tuesday, February 27, 2007 4:28 PM