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    If you have a home with 4 or 5 computers or notebooks you have to use two accounts, which means two lots of paperwork and updates, two credit card transactions and so on.


    Why? Because some guru in the Microsoft marketing department has decided that a limit of three computers is an important feature of OneCare. Golly please promote the fool so that someone with a brain can be hired.


    I have 5 devices (including 2 which are virtual machines used for gaming and so on) and I have to use two accounts. Bloody silly Microsoft, it is no wonder Google is kicking your ....


    Mark, another irate customer

    Saturday, February 16, 2008 5:55 AM


  • Yes, it is a pain. I believe that there will be an option for purchasing additional licenses at some point in the future and I'm actually surprised that they haven't yet made this available. I do believe that it is a limitation of the billing system, though, and not OneCare. Therefore, it may not be easy to implement.



    Sunday, February 17, 2008 5:42 PM