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  • Well, as stated I know nothing and just started collage.  All the courses so far are ok except the programing fundamentals.  The text book and teacher both seem geared towards those who already know the basics, about a third of the class (mabey a quarter) myself included have no ide what we are doing.  The teacher usualy replys to questons with "it's in the text book" but after about the first or second chapter the text is somewhere between confusing and baffleing(c#2010 by murachs) and many of the examples seem to be missleading.

    Because of this I have been looking at a few other books for help. I have run into a bit of a speed bump, there is c#2010 for dummies and visual studio 2010 for dummies.  Which should I focus on? or am I looking at the wrong thing?

    So far we have used visual studios and c# for everything.

    I repeat, I know nothing what so ever about programing.

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  • Hello,

    maybe the "Absolute Beginners" Guide on http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/vstudio/hh341490 would be a speedy introduction?

    I haven't red any of the books, though my assumption would be Visual Studio for dummies discusses the IDE walking you through how to create a project, adding files/classes, how to debug and stuff like that while C# for dummies I assume discusses the language concepts like classes, control structures like loops and similar concepts and how they are implemented in c#. so first book more for the tools involved to program while the later is more for the programming as such (translating a problem into code). Like said, not red the books, just my assumption.

    For more detailed answers, I would check out the C# forum over here http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/csharpgeneral/threads


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