Adding fifth Client fails with "unknown connector error" problem - not time zone related RRS feed

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  • I tried to add a fifth client to Vail and it repeatedly fails with an unknown error whilst trying to contact the server. Client is my standard home build, Asus m/b, 6GB RAM, Win 7 Ultimate, Intel 80GB SSD. It has been backing up without error for months on WHS v1. I removed the WHS connector first of course and bounced.

    I can connect to the machine from every other PC including Vail, and it can connect to every other machine including Vail. I added it to Homegroup but it made no difference.

    The error is the same every time and here is the log from the client. I really would appreciate your help, the other four PCs installed with no problems. I did try and change the timezone to Pacific as opposed to GMT but it did not help.





    09/05/2010 20:06

    wmain: Calling Computerconnector::ShowWizard()

    CComputerconnector::ShowWizard: Initializing common controls

    CComputerconnector::ShowWizard: Done initializing common controls

    Displaying the wizard

    CComputerconnector::ConnecttingDlgProc: IDD_CONNECTING Page Initialization

    NetFindHSBSServerInfo found 1 server [VAIL] at [].

    GlobalData::Initialize (VAIL, 55000, C:\Users\ian\Downloads\computerconnector.exe, 2057)

    ExpandEnvironmentStrings return (C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Server\Client Deployment Files\)

    CComputerconnector::Run: Running Task: Id=1 Description=Downloads the Setup.cab file

    NetworkUtil::DownloadFile (HTTP://VAIL:55000/Connect/default.aspx?Get=Setup.cab&64bit=1&LanguageId=2057, C:\Users\ian\AppData\Local\Temp\Setup.cab)

    NetworkUtil::DownloadFile - Create directory [C:\Users\ian\AppData\Local\Temp] if not exist.

    NetworkUtil::_WinInetDownloadFile (HTTP://VAIL:55000/Connect/default.aspx?Get=Setup.cab&64bit=1&LanguageId=2057, C:\Users\ian\AppData\Local\Temp\Setup.cab)

    ExtractCabinet: Extract (C:\Users\ian\AppData\Local\Temp\Setup.cab, C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Server\Client Deployment Files\)

    SetRegValue [C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Server\Client Deployment Files\].

    Deleting [C:\Users\ian\AppData\Local\Temp\Setup.cab].

    RunShellExecute: ShellExecute [C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Server\Client Deployment Files\CSetup.exe] with parameters [(null)]

    CSetup::Run: Waiting upto 30secs for Sync Event to be signaled

    CComputerconnector::Run: WaitForSingleObject RetVal = 0



    Sunday, May 9, 2010 7:34 PM