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  • I have an HP EX490 that ran though last year without incident (apart from a few config issues in first month). Over time I added a few extra apps, but it "just worked"

    The system has an 1 Tb seagate barracuda (7200.12) system drive, and a WD 15 EADS additional drive

    The data is backed up online :-) and on USB storage

    In the last 4-6 weeks WHS has got into the state whereby it boots reliably, but after anything between 20 mins and several hours will seemingly "hang". When this occurs I can still ping the network address. Access to shared drives hangs, as does any attempt to use the WHS console or remote desktop. As the system is headless trying to understand the exact nature of the hang is tricky.

    Reviewing the system log doesn't show anything interesting - no disk/ntfs errors or other system problems. It looked as if the system was still running (regular boring events going into system log) when it seemed hung, suggesting a possible network issue.

    After removing various "additional" sw packages, disconnecting USB drive, uninstalling & disconnecting printer, and re-running chkdsk manually I gave up & did a recovery expecting the hangs to stop. However they still hang. I've now restored twice, and additionally yesterday REMOVED any windows fixes from 2011 in case the cause was a recent patch.

    My current plans are now
    - Use diagnostic tools to run a full test of both HDDs (first one, quick test completed ok, now on media scan)
    - Do another full recover but no extras & disable all sw updates
    - leave system up but disconnected from network for 1-2 days (to see if issue could be caused by something external) (normally connected to Gigabit switch... this hasn't changed THOUGH the main router has changed to a BT HomeHub 3 - was an O2 II.
    - run a full OS level chkdsk externally (is this safe to run on a windows 7 system?? is it?)
    - check seating of EX490 memory cards etc internally
    - if all else fails get new 2Tb drive, try to copy data off, do FULL FORMAT of original drives and total clean server recreate (I need more storage anyway)
    - if still fails try Veil, or a linux distro (but would loose DE and/or windows backup - recommendations welcome!)
    - if still fails buy new server. (probably not WHS)

    The last strange poweroff/hang issue I saw on a PC was on a dell desktop a number of years back - caused by failing electrolytic capacitors...
    Sunday, March 13, 2011 11:59 AM

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  • I seem to be having the same issue here, also on an HP EX490.  The best I can determine is that there is a bad sector on the disk, and the system is running a "background" chkdsk type scan.  During this scan, the system becomes completely unresponsive to anything external beyond a ping.  When I look at the volume properties (logging in via RDP) the free space shows as garbage characters, and scheduling a chkdsk on reboot produces the same apparent unresponsiveness.


    I'm about ready to give up on this box and go to a real server.  This thing has become headless hell.

    Tuesday, March 15, 2011 4:57 PM