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  • Hi,

    Due to the retirement of Windows Live Mesh, it looks like I will have to find something else to sync the files between my desktop and laptop. Unfortunately SkyDrive is not really suitable as firstly, I am not interested in syncing via the cloud as I have several 100Mb of files, which I need to be synced in a few minutes when I fire up the laptop at home; secondly, many of the files are program configuration files located in the Program Files (and other) directories.

    Having looked at the various options and not wishing to pay a monthly fee for cloud storage I do not need (SkyDrive, Cubby, GoodSync, etc.), SyncToy appears to do most of what I need i.e. Peer to peer sync, however, I have a couple of questions:-

    Most file changes occur on my laptop, so this data is generally more critical. Is it better to run SyncToy from my laptop or my desktop i.e. which data will take precedence in the event of a conflict?

    My laptop is running Win7 Professional 32-bit and my desktop is running Win7 Home 64-bit. If I install SyncToy on my desktop, do I need to use the 32-bit or the 64-bit version, or doesn't it matter?

    I did read that there is no way of setting conflict resolution actions in the event that the same file has been modified on both computers. Is this correct and if so, will SyncToy simply use the file with the most recent timestamp to overwrite the older file?

    Are there any limits to file size, number of files within a folder, etc?

    Any answers will be greatly appreciated as Windows Live Mesh will stop working next week. If anyone has used any other programs which will do the job, please let me know.


    Tuesday, February 5, 2013 1:02 PM

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  • I use SyncToy for a couple of years now to backup my data files. SyncToy "synchronizes" files so it is not a standard backup tool (i.e.: multiple versions of files, number of versions, automatic deletion of obsolete backups, ...). But for me, I only need an exact copy of my data files at two (or more) places, my computer and an external storage (external disk or lan directory on another computer in my house). SyncToy primary use was to backup (sync) photos, but there is no difference between photos and other files, these are files anyway.

    When you update the same file at two places, I don't know what happens with SyncToy; I don't have the problem because I modify files at only one place.

    «Are there any limits to file size, number of files within a folder, etc?» There is no limit, nor in file size, nor in the number of files within folders or sub-folders (I'ver never encounter none of these limits).

    Hoping this will help...

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    Thursday, August 22, 2013 3:41 PM