Error after importing into DEV CRM 3 RRS feed

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    I have just set up my DEV environment and have imported all my customisations from my live environment so that the DEV mirrors it. Everything went well, but 1entity (customized lead entity) refuses to work in the DEV but works fine in the live, i get an error telling me to contact my administrator but no one seems to know why this is happening. does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?



    Friday, June 27, 2008 12:41 PM


  • In your CRM web.config file (located at the root of the CRM web site), there is a line that says Deverrors =

    change this to "On."  This will give you more specific error messages.


    If you have relationships between two custom entities, these relationships only get imported if you import the customizations for both entities at the same time.  If for some reason the relationship does not get imported, The lookup field remains on the form, but the attribute doesn't get created, resulting in an error, because the form referenced an attribute that doesn't exist.  This is one of the scenarios that could cause errors like you describe after importing customizations.


    My hunch is that there is a relationship with this entity that did not get imported.  When you turn on dev errors you hopefully will see something an error message that will point you to one of the attributes on the record.  You can also go to customization for the entity and go to forms and views and open the form.  Do any of the fields appear grayed out on the form view?  That is how they appear if they don't exist.


    So if you find this is the problem, how do you solve it?


    1.  temporarily create an attribute with the same schema name as your lookup attribute (new_fooid for example)

    2.  Save and publish

    3.  Remove the attribute from the form

    4.  save and publish

    5.  Delete the temp attribute you created in step 1

    6.  save and publish

    7.  recreate the relationship--either re-import both related entities at the same time, or set up the relationship in dev

    8.  add the attribute to the form

    9.  save and publish.


    Sunday, June 29, 2008 10:49 AM