Why is XP Pro so slow? RRS feed

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  • I have upgraded 1 of my computers to XP Pro for the use of my new Kodak Camera. It asks that I use XP or higher software. I use 2000 Pro on all my other computers and it works great. Situation is;

    Computer that XP is installed on is a 1.8 gig processer, 756 Megs of RAM. All other computers are 1 Gig Processer with a Gig of RAM.

    Questions are;

    1) I put the XP on the 1.8 Gig Processer. Why is it pegged out on Processer use even when just fired up? Not running a program yet, just started and let sit there for a couple of minutes and then look at the task manager

    2) Task manager has 39 processes running, WHY? 2000 Pro has 24 processes running.

    3) You click on a program to open it and it takes 30 seconds or so to respond. Sometimes a minute. WHY? 2000 Pro, I click on the program....it opens, just like you asked it to.

    4) It already has put on more than 28 updates from online. It is always saying found 1 more update. How long will this go on?

    5)Why doesn't it automatically update like I have it set up to to do @ 3 AM?

    6) Will this no responce thing ever get any better? XP was originally installed on this computer from Dell and I took it off for this reason. I figured it would be fixed by now.....3 1/2 years later!!!


    Thanks for any help with this cantankerass software.

    Final question. Can we just get software that works???? To much to ask, I know ;~(



    Wednesday, October 17, 2007 2:51 PM