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  • I would like to find some documentation of what WHS actually is under the hood. I have been running SBS2003 for some time but would like to setup WHS instead. I plan on using SMarterMail in place of Exchange. Can someone point me to some decent documentation? Questions I have are:

    Is it based on Win2003 Server?

    What version of IIS is it based on?

    Does it have DHCP or can it fit into my router's DHCP schema?

    Can I install MS SQL server on the box to provide access to a backend database for some of my personal IIS_ASP/MS_SQL based web sites.



    Wednesday, March 31, 2010 4:52 AM


    • It's based on the same flavor of Windows Server 2003 that Small Business Server 2003 was based on.
    • It has the same version of IIS that you would find in SBS.
    • DHCP is not configured on the server, and it's a violation of the EULA to do so (activating server roles that Microsoft doesn't activate by default is explicitly prohibited). But it will make use of your router's DHCP services.
    • By design, the only way to install software is to use the console application that Microsoft provides to install a Windows Home Server add-in. It's possible, but unsupported, to install software from the server desktop. In the case of a SQL database, you should keep your database(s) outside of the server's shares; there are health checks that run regularly that will fail if a file is open, and after 24 hours Windows Home Server will start to complain about it.
    • Likewise, it's possible but unsupported to install additional web sites. However, using your server to host commercial web sites is, again, an explicit violation of the EULA.
    You'll find more information about the product on/under the product page on the Microsoft web site.
    I'm not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. :)
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