My firewall stays on 'AT RISK' Status and does not get fixed when FIX NOW appears RRS feed

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    OK here's what happened and I'll try to make a looong story short.


    I have an office in my house. 2 computers. WOCARE was working fine until this whole JOIN YOUR COMPUTERS IN ONE CARE CIRCLE came out.I don't know whether I chose it or was a new feature that installed itself. I made my desktop a central Hub. BUt My Laptop stayed as Status "AT RISK" no matter what I did. SO I took the Desktop out as the central hub but this Manage your Wi One Care is still on there. I guess its fine if We can't get rid of it. The only reason I thought it might be good was because I only have one printer but from laptop it only spools the prints and never gets printed. No problem I can always take the USB printer cable and place it in either.


    Oh yeah the most imporratmt thing you should know. My main serial Number for WOC is gone togethr with its box. Themaid thought it was trash and she remembers it. I don't dare Uninstalling then re-installing because I don't know if my Win Liv ID would be good enough though it should contain the info on when I bought the thing etc...etc...


    Anyway nwo  my laptop Just can't get firewalled. Can anyone help please. Thank you.... I did try to GET HELP after it tells me Your WOC cannot be fixed now, restart your computer or click on help. I cliked on help and I couldn't find any. This is the closest I could hope for , fo an answer.


    PLEASE HELP ME IFYOU CAN or have experience with this. Thank you soo much.


    God Bless


    Sam Yafi

    Friday, February 22, 2008 4:59 AM


  • Hi, Sam.

    First of all, your LiveID is the thing you need to reinstall and activate. You don't need to product key. To confirm that you know the correct LiveID before doing any reinstalls, log in at http://billing.microsoft.com and view your subscription status for OneCare. As long as you see the subscription, you've got the correct LiveID.

    If you don't wish to have either PC as a hub, you'll still see the "Your OneCare Circle" link on the main OneCare screen. All PCs activated with the same LiveID/Subscription ID will be part of the Circle automatically, The Hub allows you to see the status of the other PCs in your Circle and allows you to set up and use Centralized Backup.

    If the Printer is attached to the desktop PC, you should be able to use the Printer Sharing feature of OneCare, but you can also share it normally through Windows.

    However, since OneCare appears to be broken on the laptop, I suspect that it is preventing this from working properly.

    On the laptop, try running this tool:

    Firewall repair tool - http://forums.microsoft.com/WindowsOneCare/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=2468376&SiteID=2


    If that doesn't resolve the Firewall problem, please contact support.

    How to reach support (FAQ) - http://forums.microsoft.com/WindowsOneCare/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=2421771&SiteID=2



    Friday, February 22, 2008 3:01 PM