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  • PaaS nodes seem to spin up real fast in a batch pool scenario --- My goal is to be able to use it for SOA deployment:

    1) Why does the "Burst to Azure Batch with Microsoft HPC Pack 2016 Update 1" document recommend to NOT enable the autoscale property (page 12, point #7)? 

    2) Paas Image type: a) There is no option to customize the image to choose from -- The only options (OS Family) seem to be plain vanilla 2016/2012 OS without the HPC Pack installed on them. Any plan to add a custom image to this list (with HPC Pack preinstalled) or select a user defined image?

        b) VNet - If i set any value for VNet, what happens when the pools are set to auto scale and the nodes keep growing - will they be able to communicate back with HN/on-prem resources? If I do set a value for VNet, will IPs from this VNet be taken to assign to the nodes in the pools ? In other words, should my VNet be large enough to handle the IP addresses for say 500, 1000 or whatever number the pool bursts to?

        c) size of compute node: there are few sizes that are available only to PaaS type and not for IaaS (eg, Small/Medium/Large) - Any particular reason why it is restricted only to this image type?

    3) IaaS custom image - a) VNet - Same Q as above. When the pool size increases, how will it impact the VNet, if one is chosen. How will it behave if VNet is left empty?

          b) Communication back with Onprem resources - How will the non-domain joined nodes in the pool interact with on-prem resource? Would I be better off updating the AZ Storage and then run a different (child) task onprem to rake in all the data from AZ storage after the SOA run is completed on AZ batch pool?

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    Friday, September 21, 2018 5:27 PM

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  • Hi SRIRAM,

      HPC SOA doesn't support azure batch pool now, which we are working on. For your scenario, HPC Pack burst to Windows PaaS node or Windows IaaS node might be the best fit. For your question:

    1. This is recommended to enable auto scale. The doc is for demo purpose as later it needs to remote ssh to the pool node

    2. there is no customized image for PaaS. That's azure platform limitation

    2.b) If the VNet is part of your site2site VPN or express route, yes, it is able to communicate back. And yes, you need enough IP in the VNet

    2.c) Azure PaaS nodes has few choices. A lot of instance size not available in PaaS platform

    3. If you want to run HPC SOA workload on hybrid cluster with IaaS VM nodes, please reach us hpcpack@microsoft.com; we can provide more details to you (As we are now working on a tutorial for this based on HPC Pack 2016 Update 2 and not yet published)

    Qiufang Shi

    Tuesday, September 25, 2018 9:02 AM
  • If HPC SOA is not supported on batch pools, how can I go down the burst to PaaS route? The only non-batch pool burst template available is for 'Azure IaaS node template'. Or, am I missing something here?

    (My understanding is that the PaaS bursting is available *only* through 'Azure Batchpool template', which is not supported for SOA deployment per you)

    Wednesday, September 26, 2018 1:29 PM