How to make chart's legends wider? RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    I have a pipeline type chart as a part of my dashboard. The chart has labels (or legends) docked to the right. The problem is that by default the text is cut at some point and three dots are added to the end. I'd like to make the legend area wider so that the text would be displayed entirely.

    Here's my XML right now. I tried to use Legend.MaximumAutoSize property but I doesn't do anything? I've tried almost everything I can imagine so I decided to ask help here.

      <name>Projects (euro)</name>
            <fetch mapping="logical" aggregate="true">
              <entity name="cre_project">
                <attribute groupby="true" alias="_CRMAutoGen_groupby_column_Num_0" name="cre_projectstate" />
                <attribute alias="_CRMAutoGen_aggregate_column_Num_0" name="cre_value" aggregate="sum" />
            <category alias="_CRMAutoGen_groupby_column_Num_0">
                <measure alias="_CRMAutoGen_aggregate_column_Num_0" />
        <Chart Palette="None" PaletteCustomColors="55,118,193; 197,56,52; 149,189,66; 117,82,160; 49,171,204; 255,136,35; 97,142,206; 209,98,96; 168,203,104; 142,116,178; 93,186,215; 255,155,83">
            <Series ShadowOffset="0" IsValueShownAsLabel="True" Font="{0}, 9.5px" LabelForeColor="59, 59, 59" ChartType="Funnel" CustomProperties="FunnelLabelStyle=Outside, FunnelNeckHeight=0, FunnelPointGap=1, FunnelNeckWidth=5 ">
              <SmartLabelStyle Enabled="True" />
              <Area3DStyle Enable3D="True" />
            <Legend Alignment="Center" LegendStyle="Table" Docking="right" IsTextAutoFit="True" IsEquallySpacedItems="True" ShadowColor="0, 0, 0, 0" ForeColor="59, 59, 59" MaximumAutoSize="50" TextWrapThreshold="30" />
            <Title Alignment="TopLeft" DockingOffset="-3" Font="{0}, 13px" ForeColor="0, 0, 0"></Title>

    Thank you in advance.

    Saturday, June 22, 2013 6:53 PM