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  • Hello all,
    I've an application that hangs up after starting.

    So, it's ordinal programming situation: I set breakpoint in one of the modules, stopped there, then continued and this time application didn't hang!
    OK, after some investigation I realized that hanging application strictly depends on wheither Autos window is switched on or off!
    If Autos is on then application don't hang.

    Then I made an experiment: I wrote down all variables names from Autos at breakpoint line, switched off Autos, restarted application, stopped at breakpoint and 
    then populated Watch window with variables from Autos, and then continued: it doesn't help - application hangs.

    This is quite strange for me...
    The question is: how Autos window differs from Watch window? In other words how Autos calculates they variables vs Watch?
    Why Autos helps in my case but Watch with the same variables set doesn't?
    And how to workaround this problem? I mean how to emulate what Autos does in my code and avoid hanging up?

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