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  • Microsoft,


    You guys have been kicking butt in the smartphone space for forever. But why have you let Apple eat your lunch with the iPhone? There's no reason why you guys can't have a better UI than Apple, just please make it better so that we can tell them where to shove their "smarter-than-everyone-else" attitudes.


    Other things I want:

    • Windows Mobile Media Center - Vista Media Center-like UI for watching TV streamed from WebGuide, synching TV shows, etc.
    • Zune software for WinMo - Just do it. Don't argue about it and say that Zune is only for "integrated experiences"... just get the Zune software on there and let me sync Zune tunes over my EVDO connection.
    • Make development easier - Compated to WinForms, the .NET CF is horrible. The programming paradigms are different, the data stores are different... it's frustrating as hell.

    Thanks guys!

    Wednesday, September 19, 2007 7:08 PM