CRM - How to get the promotion history/people sent the activity; more specific to dynamic lists RRS feed

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  • I am pulling from the CRM sql tables the promotion history and promotion response for an email campaign. Promotion history is everyone who was sent the email campaign. promotion response is related to each user response back from an email campaign. I am pretty close but have run into one issue.

    I can get from CoreMotives the cm_mailings the email campaign details. I can get the marketing lists (including the additional ones) used in the email campaign. I can identify with the marketing lists and the activityparty/activitypointer who was sent the email campaign for the static marketing lists. For the dynamic lists I can get the email addressed used in activity party for those that I haven't accounted for but I am unable to tell which email was from which dynamic marketing list. Any idea's here? I need to do this in sql and not the fetch xml process.

    Thanks in advance


    Monday, August 4, 2014 9:11 PM