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  • From Money in Excel FAQ:

    Is this Microsoft Money?
    Microsoft Money is a personal finance management program that Microsoft released over a decade ago. A lot has changed since then! Money in Excel is a brand-new offering that leverages new technology to provide you with a smarter and more secure personal finance management solution. We know that there are still Microsoft Money fans out there— we hope you try out Money in Excel and love it even more!

    Heck, they abandoned it over a decade ago. (And released it, v1, over two decades ago.) I wonder what the new technology is? Plaid not Yodlee?

    BTW, and tangentially off-topic, if anyone is still using the Ultrasoft MoneyLink Excel Add-In and is interested in an Excel 64-bit compatible, backward compatible, Excel Add-In replacement, drop me an email. (If you've been lurking around here long enough to be using ML, you may recall my old FAQ and the Money Reverse Engineering Access tools I posted. My site http://littlegreengecko.com/MSMstuff has an address that will work on the Money Reverse Engineering page.) I've developed such a tool, incompletely documented, and not available in a signed form. It can execute existing ML queries and offers some enhanced output options that are not backward compatible with ML. It also has an API exposure functionally similar to that which ML unintentionally exposed. It does depend on prerequisite installation of Java RT and Hung Le's Sunriise Exporter. I've only tested it with my Money data, specifically salted Money test files, and the Money Sample file, all from M08 Sunset. I've been all Excel 64 for months now and all my ML-using spreadsheets have been update to use my new tool. I call the new Excel Add-In myMoneydata.

    Wednesday, July 1, 2020 10:25 PM