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  • I have a CRM 3.0 server that has been unable to run reports since it was setup.  After finding know solution to the problem I decided to reinstall CRM 3.0.  This is CRM 3.0 on Windows 2003R2 with SQL 2005.


    CRM was removed, SQL was also removed, the database files were saved and reattached.

    The install was apparently successful but I did, DO have questions on Configuring Report Server.


    After reinstall I can access CRM, see data, the customizations remain.  I can browse reports from CRM – couldn’t do this before, I can see the calendar in CRM – couldn’t do this before.  If I try to run a report, any report – every report I try  returns the same error:


    The 'CRM_FullName' parameter is missing a value


    I get this same result if I try to run a report from within the CRM site or if I go to the Reportserver site and click on a report.


    I have been unable to open the Reportmanager site.


    I am unsure of the Report Server Configuration

    I am unsure of the SQL security settings.


    Thanks very much for the help!!!

    Monday, March 2, 2009 8:38 PM


  • For the CRM_FullName problem, open the report source (using Visual Studio for example), and go to Report Parameter (from top toolbar). There should be a parameter for CRM_FullName, try filling the information as the link above: (lately I think this website doesn't allow putting a direct picture). Let's see if this works.

    About you unable to open the Reportmanager, actually I used to have this problem too before. When you go to your SRS Configuration, check if your Report Server is initialized or not, like pictured on the link). If it's not, last time I could get this initialized by restoring (or deleting) my backup key (this worked for me, I don't really recommend this but you could try...).


    Let me know if this helps.

    Monday, March 2, 2009 9:28 PM