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  • Hello, I've created a new on-demand workflow named "MyWorkflow" and I need to execute this from js. I found SDK.SAMPLES.ExecuteWorkflowRequest js which I plan to use for this purpose.  As part of this process I need to specify the w/f id. I ran the following query to identify the lookup table for this:

    select * from information_schema.tables
    where table_name like '%workflow%'

    Workflow/WorkflowBase seem to be the proper lookups for this. However, WorkflowBase returns 2 rows that have different WorkflowId's but which have a matching workflow name of "MyWorkflow." So how can I decide which row to use? I noticed the following data pattern:

    Match #1: ActiveWorkflowId is not null, ParentWorkflowId is null
    Match #2: ActiveWorkflowId is null, ParentWorkflowId is not null

    So my first impression is to go with the WorkflowId for Match #1. Is that the correct choice?
    Thursday, April 3, 2014 11:01 PM

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