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  • Hi,

    I hope somebody can help. I am trying to configure user queues with the Dynamics CRM Email router. After wrestling with various credentials issues I am now stuck at the point where I get the following error using the 'Test Access' function of the E-mail Router Configuration Manager:

    Incoming Status: Failure - The specified object was not found in the store. Verify that the specified user credentials have Receive permission on the target mailbox. The request failed with the error message:--<head><title>Document Moved</title></head>
    <body><h1>Object Moved</h1>This document may be found <a HREF="herehttps://webmail.blahblah.com/owa">here</a></body>--.

    The same error is also logged in the Email Router logs. There are a number of other threads on this subject, but none of them appear to have ended in a solution - at least one that I can relate to.

    The configuration profile is configured for Exchange Web Services protocol on Exchange 2007. the URL is https://webmail.blahblah.com, and access credentials set to 'User Specified'. Within Dynamics for each of my queues and main email configuration I have my domain credentials specified. Obviously I have access to my mailboxes from Outlook, but none of the queues which access them work - they all fail with the above.

    Any help appreciated.

    Wednesday, July 13, 2011 8:28 AM