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  • Windows Vista Sensei comes from a long family line of warriors, the ” Windows” family.

    He is highly thought of as one of the most powerful warriors alive. Although he is still young, Windows Vista Sensei is said to possess different strengths and confidence not known to anyone. He is already beginning to gain such world fame at his young age that folks are writing stories about him.

    With his sense of clarity he possesses the things that legends are made of.

    Windows Vista Sensei travels from place to place in a quest to help the underprivileged global citizens. He shows up when you least expect him and always when he’s most needed. When it means defending and securing those in need, he’s always ready!

    While on one of his many travels he decided to track down the legendary martial arts master and wise shaolin monk, Office Master. He had heard of the mighty Office Master from tales of heroism told to him when he was younger. With growing threat in the world he needed someone to help him in his quest and who better to compliment his strengths and skills than the great Office Master.

    After finding Office Master he asked for help with continuing the battle against evil doers around the world. They joined forces and now together they bind to create an unstoppable FOURCE - ready to fight for all who need they’re help.

    Thursday, March 1, 2007 7:58 AM