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  • Hi, I have a tricky problem with a custom activity. It references a library in GAC (as all other activities in the solution) which contains generated types. I updated generated class and version of that common GAC assembly so my activity references this new version. The problem is with workflows which contain both my new activity and other activities (which reference previous version of common assembly). In those I get error which says that "MyAssembly.MyType" cannot be converted to "MyAssembly.MyType". It seems that if I call an activity which references old version in a workflow, CRM caches the common assembly and tries to use it with new activity which follows. I am not sure if this is documented behavior.

    I know I can update all other assemblies to reference the new version, but is there a way to avoid this and make CRM work with this? I edited minor version, from to

    Monday, August 22, 2016 1:01 PM