Problem with $59.95 MSN Exporer Premium Renewal Every Year RRS feed

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  • Every April when I attempt to renew $59.95 payment for MSN Explorer Premium none of the Microsoft windows work for making payment online, all Microsoft instructions are misleading and ends up spending two or more hours over two days talking to Microsoft employees on phone after longer waiting periods. The Microsoft website has circular links, none of which open to any webpage with a "pay now" spot on it and the real problem is that MSN Explorer Premium does not appear anywhere on links from the subscription page thereby making it impossible to pay yearly renewal $59.95 fee online and causing hundreds of telephone employees wasted time reducing Microsoft profits.

    Eventually an employee finds a way to renew my subscription.

    Why doesn't Microsoft have one window with a box I can click to use my credit card to pay the yearly $59.95 fee for msn explorer premium ? My credit card is in my account file with Microsoft but Microsoft does not have any working link to pay for renewed subscription. Are employee's protesting or something ?

    Finally, a question for Microsoft upper management would be . . . . . .  Why hasn't anyone answered this posting with a legitimate solution yet ?

    Saturday, May 4, 2019 1:13 PM