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  • Our company is small; we have a single domain and no sip enabled users. The only use we have for OCS2007 Standard Edition is as instant messaging and sending files. Thus it wasn't viewed as a critical component and placed on an old server. A few days ago the PSU of the server died, and we deemed that it's not worth buying a new one as the server was over 6 years old. We did not use any archiving so there is nothing we'd need to recover from the server itself.

    Nevertheless, installing OCS2007 has proven to be very difficult. I have installed OCS2007 on a separate machine, and then noticed that client programs still wanted to connect to the old broken server despite the fact that I had set their accounts to connect to the new server in AD. 

    I have used the Administrators Guide in the process of cleaning the AD up:

    I uninstalled OCS2007 on the new machine and unprepped the domain and the forest. The Unprep of the Domain complained however that "ERROR (0xC3EC7975): There are still activated MCU servers in the domain. Use LcsCmd.exe with /force switch to force task execution." I unprepped with the force switch, and when I had reinstalled OCS2007, I tried logging on with a few domain accounts and noticed that the Communicator still tries to contact the old broken server (which naturally doesn't respond). I uninstalled OCS2007 again on the new server in order to try to completely remove the old broken server records.

    I have tried deactivating the old server by this command, to which it complained that there are still active Web Components Server:
    "LCSCMD.exe /server:<server.address.com> /Role:SE /Action:Deactivate /RefDomain:<address.com>"

    I tried deactivating the web components server through this command, to which it compained that the RPC server is unavailable (As it tires to check the IIS state of the broken server):
    "LCSCMD.exe /web<server.address.com> /Action:Deactivate /refdomain:synocus.com"

    Any attempts of detecting what's installed and activated on the broken server ends up in smoke as the lcscmd utility ends up in trying to contact the server.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated at this point. I can't believe it's impossible to reset the OCS2007 part in the AD without repairing the server in order to manually uninstall it from the broken server.

    Thursday, January 8, 2009 3:10 PM

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