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  • Can some one give me ideas on how to create custom reports involving parent-child entities like Invoice-Invoice Products, Quote-Quote Products etc in CRM 4.0 Online.


    I need to create a Report similar to the built-in "Invoice" and the "Quote"  Report, which displays information from the parent record on top and then detail records at the bottom in a tabular format. I cannot edit built-in reports in CRM 4.0 Online and the Report Wizard is not allowing me to do much with the layout of the Fields. All I need to do is add some extra fields from the parent table into the top part of the built in Report.


    CRM 4.0 Online has so many customization options locked down that I have started hating it now !!! MS claims that most of the functionality that is available on the On-Premise version is also available in CRM 4.0 Online and misleads customers when it comes to customization capabilities. MS should provide all the information about it's Online version which are locked down in the product information. This would help customers choose the licensing right version of the product. 

    Creating customized reports is a very basic requirement any organization using CRM would have, but MS CRM 4.0 Online doesn't allow anything except Report Wizard to create Reports. Report Wizard doesn't have the capability for modifying the Layout of the Report - A very basic thing !!!


    Any ideas/suggestions are appreciated.



    Friday, September 12, 2008 4:47 PM



    Wow that is a great Challenge. And even though it's about 1 A.M. I think I have some Ideas.  I do know that some shops are connecting to the remote data.  Then creating a SQL and SRS instance on premise.  Then create a reference to the report and run the report from an IFrame within a custom entity.


    Since the CRM Online SQL instance is a no touch zone and we can all understand that, it remains that we create a copy or subset of the data elsewhere and work with that set.    We would do it like that in a large Reporting environment anyway.


    Hope that helps.


    Thursday, October 2, 2008 4:51 AM