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  • A client wants to have 5-6 fields for an entity that is autogenerated. I've googled around and found Auto Number from CRM Innovation and a blog post from Ayaz Ahamad containing some solutions. I've narrowed it down to these two (using the second solution frm Ayaz).

    The crm installation is IFD-enabled, and I'm wondering if Ayaz' solution will work? I've haven't started any coding yet, but are there any issues related to his solution and IFD that I should think about? If a user is accessing CRM from the outside, would he still be able to access the SQL server using the server name only (e.g. "http://sqlserver/"), or would I have to open up the firewall and access it through http://sqlserver.domain.com?

    Tuesday, January 4, 2011 3:02 PM


  • Thanks for that solution Andriy, but do you know if it will give me unique values if two records are created at the same time? And if it will support an upgrade to CRM 2011?

    Yes. It should work but you can ask for a help of author of plugin. It would be supported with 2011 because everything which was developed is developed in supported way.

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