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  • These three optional updates are called:  Update for Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 Edition.  Does Windows Update send optional updates that should not be installed on WHS 2011?  Other posts are very ambiguous on this subject.  Automatic updates from WU would not install manually (thru WU), but did install over night.  Is this by design in WHS 2011?  These (3) optional updates still will not install manually (thru WU).  Is it necessary to go to the Microsoft webpage for each KB update and install there instead of thru WU?  I Googled KB2574819 and there is an alarming number of articles including Windows 7 installs and many issues that may or may not be relevant.  What's the best option; do nothing at this time?

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  • Anything that installs automatically should be fine - I have two of those on both of my Servers without issue.

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    Friday, November 16, 2012 9:48 PM
  • Phil, thanks for responding.  Optional updates are not automatically installed by WU in Windows or WHS 2011.  Are the optional updates KB2574819, KB2592687, and KB2709981 dependent on hardware?  There are no error or other messages, only a "failed to install" message from Windows Update.  Is it reasonable that WU is pushing out optional updates that may not be appropriate?


    Friday, November 16, 2012 11:37 PM
  • As a general rule, you should only install updates through the dashboard, unless your server is configured to update automatically (in which case it will install appropriate updates). This means you will not install "optional" updates in most cases.

    If you've installed additional software from the server's desktop, you may need updates that are not installed automatically (though it's unlikely). You're sort of on your own as far as determining which ones you should install in that case. 

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  • I have never installed optional updates (only automatic updates) since doing a clean install of WHS 2011 just after it was released.  No Add-ins have been installed. Any idea why Windows Update is offering these three updates now other than the extremely remote possibility that I would be backing up a Windows 8 desktop system (based on update description)?

    The motherboard is an Intel S3420GPV.  Any chance that you know if any Intel drivers should be installed or does WHS 2011 provide all required drivers?  Has a suggested or recommended list of motherboards ever surfaced for WHS 2011?

    Thanks for any additional info you can provide.  I'd like to stick with WHS, but am considering changing everything to Linux out of shear frustration and disappointment with Microsoft.

    To make sure there are no misunderstandings:

    "As a general rule, you should only install updates through the dashboard" Updates have only been installed from Windows Update via shortcut icon on WHS desktop via Remote Desktop Connection.

    "(in which case it will install appropriate updates)."  By viewing Update History, Windows Update has been installing automatic updates consistently in the past, but would not update the most recent 14 Important updates when I clicked on the Install button.  All I got was the Failed Install message after a long time-out period, however, WU did install these automatic updates over night.  So does the WHS version of Windows Update ignore user commands or are there problems with these three KB updates?

    "This means you will not install "optional" updates in most cases."  I am only talking about updates delivered by Windows Update that is embedded in WHS.  Why is WHS Windows Update sending "optional" updates that won't install?  By design Optional updates from WU are not automatically installed. There are several underlying questions here regarding the design of WHS and WU and the behavior I see with automatic and optional WU updates.

    "If you've installed additional software from the server's desktop" Never did this with the possible exception of Intel motherboard software, but that was so long ago that I have no recollection, except that trying to get support was impossible.

    "You're sort of on your own as far as determining which ones you should install in that case."  Following your comments I have no problem with this, but if the updates have nothing to do with the Intel motherboard and are only to update installed software, it looks to me like something is not working as intended.  If I could get an answer to clarify whether WHS provides all drivers for the motherboard and none are required from Intel, I would at least be able to correctly do a clean install of WHS if that would fix errors in the original installation of WHS 2011.

    As of this update, the "optional" Windows Update "updates" still fail to install. If no other information surfaces, I'll wait and see if they just disappear, which wouldn't surprise me given the issues in response to Googling the three KB numbers.

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