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  • hello everyone,

    before you ask: I searched here as well as on google but didn't find a solution.

    My configuration:
    Tranquil SQA5H with WHS (english, PP3)
    Client PC: Laptop, Windows 7 Pro, WHS Connector installed

    Question: should the Windows Search 4.0 index D:\shares OR die UNC paths of each \\SERVER\*directories*?

    Why? Because:
    The problem I have is that the search is not working as it did when I bought this thing. It had PP2 and I used Vista before, didn't configure anything but was able to search with typing words in Vista's Windows Explorer search box and the result popped up INSTANTLY.
    When I do that NOW, the results come one after another, taking 30-60 seconds until everything is found. It seems like Win7 doesnt find an index, so its searching manually.

    So, I tried to reindex on WHS. It was configured to index D:\shares and some others, I removed all and only added the UNC shares I want (\\SERVER\Music and \Videos). It indexed all, but still, the search is slooooow on the client and ALSO doesn't work on the WHS Web Site via Remote Access.

    Whats the default, how should that work? I loved the instant search back in the days and would like to have that back.
    Sunday, December 6, 2009 11:44 AM