Live Mesh and Remote desktop behind certain ISPs RRS feed

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  • I have a home network with two machines.  One is Windows 7, and the other is Vista HomePremium.

    I need to remote desktop to the Home Premium - and since it doesnt include Remote Desktop, I want to use Live Mesh.

    I live in China and am usig China Telecom with a fast PPPOE Broadband connection.

    Live mesh syncs all files fine,but I get a message thatRemote Desktop is unavailable.

    If, however I start a VPN connection to my office in the states, from the Vista machine, the Remote Desktop error goes away for that machine (as indicated in the Mesh Notifier.)

    So, my question is.  What is it about VPN'ing to my office in the states that suddenly allows access to the ag.mesh.com server?

    My ISP does not bock ssl traffic, or traffic over port 443. ( I use 443 for my IMAP SSL connection too... )

    Or is this a problem with the live mesh authenticatin scheme?

    My log file returns this when I cannot connect:
    PID:0x138c TID:0x1154 Failed to connect to RAG ag.mesh.com Error=WLC_ERROR_AUTHENTICATION_FAILED extendedError=0x80090308 retry in 3 seconds OnlineTime=0 NPings=0

    Is it that my ISP might be using a proxy server?  ( I don't have any local proxy settings though ) 
    Could it be something else?

    Could it be my own computer settings?  ( I almost doubt that, however, if I am able to VPN and have it work - I would think that firewalls would apply to VPN and non VPN traffic from my machine.)

    The other question is could my router be blocking it?  I have a brand new netgear router.  I have UPNP enabled, so that should be opening up the port, if needed...

    Any other ideas?

    Saturday, August 1, 2009 6:43 AM


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