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  • Probably I'm not the first asking this question, but in "related topics" I didn't find anything about it.
    I know that help says «Changing or modifying either the left or right sides of a folder pair is not supported», but I have 15 folder pairs with "wrong" right folder path with very complicated subfolders structure, and i'm terrified to write down again all the pairs.
    The problem arise from my use os SyncToy with a NAS running under MioNet (somebody knows?):

    • MioNet automatically maps my NAS as a network drive, calling it i.e. N:  \\MyNAS and so the path \\MyNAS\Public appears in SyncToy as N:\Public
    • When MioNet is running on my PC SyncToys works perfectly.
    • When MioNet is NOT running on my PC (the Upgrade version causes BSODs on my Vista-based PC) SyncToys works obviously says «Could not locate folder N:\Public»
    • Now, if I want to map my network drive out of MioNet routine, in Windows I can't call again N:  \\MyNAS but only N: \\MyNAS\Public (am i right?), so SyncToy path N:\Public acts as \\MyNas\Public\Public , and obviously SyncToys says again «Could not locate folder N:\Public»

    So, i need only to "edit" right folder in folder pairs from N:\Public to N: or to \\MyNAS. How can I do?
    Can I "copy" my old foder pairs and modify the to new correct path?

    Monday, October 5, 2009 4:37 PM


  • Hi -

    I understand your fear in not wanting to recreate the folder pairs but I am sorry - there is no way to edit folder pairs. ON the other hand, using simple Windows "net use" command you should be able to recreate what ever structure you want for N:. You should be able to map N: to \\MyNas\ to preserve the structure in SyncToy.

    Deepa ( Microsoft Sync Framework)
    Monday, October 5, 2009 6:44 PM