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  • Hi,

    So I'm involved in a group project in which we would like to add some functionality to WWT. What we'd like to do is upload pictures from a smartphone with Long/Lat, Date, Time, and orientation data of the pictures taken. All of this information would come in the form of a populated tab & comma delimited text file, which would be read into WWT as a layer. Once the data file

    Think, Google Street View, but for WWT and any user can upload their pictures, instead of relying on a 360 Google Camera.

    Another member is in charge of the smartphone app that will do this while I am in charge of the WWT side of things (honestly I'm a little lost). I'm not sure if I can achieve all of the functionality that I'm hoping for with just the LCAPI and WWT SDK, but here is where I'm headed right now:

    The smartphone app divides pictures taken according to the profile of the user that took the pictures. Each user profile will be uploaded to WWT as a layer. Each scene within a profile will populate the Earth map according to that scenes LAT/LONG data (Similar to the Quake sample LCAPI application). What I'd like to do once this information is plotted on the Earth map, is when a user clicks on a dot (denoting a scene) they are brought to the panoramic mode.

    While in panoramic mode, all instances of the different pictures associated with this scene will be saved to a collection. This collection will be visible above and a user can choose which instance of the scene they want to view as a panorama (pictures of a scene taken at winter vs. pictures of a scene taken during summer).

    Does this sound doable, given the LCAPI and SDK for WWT? Can I populate Collections or panoramas in such a way? Can I create a program that auto creates a tour of the different scenes that a user has taken photos at?

    Wednesday, March 20, 2013 12:49 AM

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  • We will have a new Plug-in Architecture for WWT in the near future, please e-mail me at wwtpage@microsoft.com


    Saturday, April 13, 2013 5:04 PM