Attn: Webmaster! Cannot post a question in the Vista boards due to 120dpi settings. RRS feed

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  •    Hey Webmaster! (critical error in your design)

    The user forums for Vista has a full screen grayout asking if we want to participate in the new MS bidding support. I can see the fields under this grayed out area and get the box of text:

    Microsoft is piloting TechSupport Marketplace – a new community support site. Once you enter your case, qualified experts registered with our site will bid against each other to provide you with one on one help at the lowest possible price. You choose the amount that suits you and pay for the support only when you are satisfied.
    Would you like to participate in this pilot?

    There is no option visible to accept or refuse.(note the above is the full message I get running the 120dpi desktop.

    I cannot ask a question because of this poor implimentation of design to exclude people using the 120 dpi settings for their desktops. This is discrimination to those of us with poor eyesight that need larger print and use Vista. We can't "X" the pop up out, can't accept or reject and cannot block it by enabling the pop up blocker.


    Thursday, April 29, 2010 9:02 PM